About Youth Power Welfare Org.

Youth Power Welfare Organization (YPWO) is a renowned organization that helps youth and the needy people through the social work. The organization is recognized by international organizations such as United Nations and World Health Organization. It has helped and motivated youth across the country by assisting and holding webinars on social-welfare.

The organization was founded by Bhupinder Maddy in the year 2016 from Punjab. The organization is imparting its social services in different parts of North India and beyond. The foundation was laid on the basis of humanity, the YPWO Organization is always found ready to help youth, needy people across the country. It has extended helping hands in different domains including Health, Education, Road Safety, and 'Swachchta' missions.

The organization helped the needy during the COvid19 pandemic. Extending humanitarian efforts across North India, organization came out in support of providing face mask/ sanitization and social-awareness among the masses.

YPWO taking a new initiative has organized different training camps, social gatherings. and events related to Road Safety, Cleanliness, and Health and fitness. It has contributed helmets to needy people to make their journey safe. YPWO has also extended his hand in facilitating free medicines and other emergency services to the poor.

Running a cleanliness drive, Organization has also supported people to keep their surroundings neat and clean under the 'Swachchta' drive. Organizing an event, People were made aware of the limited use of plastic under 'No-Plastic' mission.

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